B Match Results 10/22/2017

 Results Placement Group
Puppy 4-6 Mos
Pointer Armani 11 1
Pointer Tino 9 2
Pointer Juicy 6 1 G1
Pointer Dottie 4 2
Scotian Green Sleeves Arctic Lady Love German Wirehair Pointer AnnieB Absent
Defiant’s Farewell Aquarius and We Thank You Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Navi 8 1
Gardenpath d’Galavanting Kluane Poodle(S) Kluane Absent
LLB’s Distinguished Harpo Production Boston Terrier 1 2
LLB’s Little Louie Boston Terrier 3 1
Dalmation Abby 12 1 G1
Dadaelis Na’Tu MLB Dream Saluki Rookie
Briard Poppy 2 1 G1
Greatlands Lucky Strike Australian Shepard Connor 7 1
Greatlands Do Ya Feel Lucky Australian Shepard Clint 5 2
Adult Handling
Ch Alaska Gold’s Royal Flush Australian Shepard Royal 40
Ch Alaska Gold’s Hit me Again for 21 Australian Shepard Blackjack 41
Rottweiler Zoya 42 3
GCHB CH Atikon’s Puck ‘N” Awesome Saffordshire Bull Terrier Bruton 43 1
Saffordshire Bull Terrier Lacey 44 4
Dalmation Crystal 45
Rottweiler 46
Boxer Mariah 47 2
Bernease Mountain Dog Absent
Puppy 6-9
Golden Ret Lokie 13 1 G1
Deloran’s On Board  Viking Schipperke Sootie 18 1
Dalmation Abby 12 G1 Best Puppy in Match
Tokosha’s Better Hide You Heart Rotweiller Eli 15
Tokosha”s Ancient Secret of Ravensong Rotweiller Raven 16 1 G1
Toshan Tacrians God of War & Justice Rotweiller Tye 17
Tevro D’Vine’s Jollywood Heartthrob Doberman Pinscher Lewy 19
Vons  Hero’s  Spitfire of the North Saffordshire Bull Terrier Lucy 28 1
Puppy 9-12
No Entries
No Entries
Rhodesian Ridgeback Arya 20 1 1
Winterglen’s Euopean Tryst Labrador Retriever Pippa 22
Golden Ret Hatcher 21
Glenrose Little Red Ginger Snap Irish Setter Ginger 24
LLB’s Warrior from the Gods RE CGC Boston Terrier Ragnor 23
Dalmation Trango
Rotweiller Kush 28 1 G1
Fantasi’s Let’s Get Dangerous  at Winterglen Swedish Vallhund Freyja 26
Zia Impala – Alaskan Amber Dream, JC Saluki Hop 75 1 G1 Best in Match

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